Why PRO Rugby Should Embrace the MLB Model

PRO Rugby has me really excited about the way they’re structuring their league and the stated approach to development and club inclusion. I am excited about the future of professional rugby in the U.S. and the comments that really stand out to me are from their Vision statement: “Our mission is to grow the game and provide opportunities for players to train and compete in a full-time high performance environment.” and Player page:

“Our primary goal is to grow and elevate the quality of rugby played in the USA and Canada. We are committed to working with the current clubs to supplement, rather than replace their activities. Current club players will be the foundation of PRO Rugby. Throughout the club season, players based on their individual performance, can move between the PRO Rugby league and the club league —similar to the minor leagues systems within Major League Baseball (MLB)…PRO Rugby will look to help grow the profile of local club programs by hosting 7s games during halftime and providing club sponsorships.”

I hope that they do consider structuring the “minor league” exactly the way MLB has done for nearly the past century as it has been a model of proven success.

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An Open Letter to PRO Rugby & USA Rugby


[Editor’s note: the following is the first piece from our newest contributor “rugbyfanalyst”, an open letter to the powers that be at PRO Rugby and USA Rugby. Welcome onboard!]

Okay you two, your partnership is perfect and your leverage is powerful so it’s time to use it for the betterment of the game.

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